10 Hudson Yards / 2016


The Hudson Yards development is expected to consist of 16 skyscrapers containing more than 12,700,000 ft2 (1,180,000 m2) of commercial office space, a retail center, two levels of restaurants, cafes, markets and bars, a hotel, a cultural space, about 5,000 residences, a 750-seat school, and 14 acres (5.7 hectares) of public open space.

10 Hudson Yards is the first building to open on the site, and is expected to help draw visitors to the area. The building stands 895 feet tall (270 m) and has 52 stories and boasts 1.7 million ft2 (158,000 m2) of commercial office space, along with direct access to the High Line. Aiming for LEED Gold certification, the building has storm proof systems, co-generation, thermal micro-grids, efficient air flow systems, advanced lighting controls, equipped with under-floor or overhead air distribution, central chilled water plant, water harvesting.

Front worked on 10 Hudson Yards as a Facade consultant through both the schematic design and the design development phases. Our work included creating 3d modeling and drawing of system details, to ensure the integrity of the building fa├žade.