Canadian Parliament House of Commons at West Block / 2017

ArchitectACROP / FGMD

In 2017 Canada celebrates 150 years as a nation. In preparation of the sesquicentennial anniversary, the Parliament Hill complex will undergo major restorations and upgrades, including the addition of thirty seats, bringing the maximum capacity to 338 persons. The renovation also introduces the construction of a new courtyard enclosure assembly, comprised of a curved glass roof system with multi-layered interior light-diffusing laylights, which was designed by Front. The upper skylight and a lower laylight form an enclosed climate controlled “insulated attic” to function as a thermal buffer to Ottawa’s hot summers and harsh winters. This construction also conceals fixed and operable daylight control louvers. The skylight is made up of approximately 1400 diamond-shaped double-insulated glass panels that are 13 x 4 feet (1.2 x 4.2 m) which form a low-sloped domed roof that nestles into the skyline. 2600 triple-laminated laylight glass panels make up a dramatic glass ceiling that provides soft filtered daylight. The entire roof assembly is supported from new structural steel tree columns that are independent of the existing historical building.

Front was involved from Schematic Design phase through construction and developed systems details necessary for a performance based contract package of the courtyard infill roof. A full geometrical Building Information Model (BIM) was also provided by Front which was used for visualization, verification and quantification.