Governor George Deukmejian Court House / 2016


General ContractorClark Construction Group

Façade ContractorBenson Industries

Lighting DesignHorton Lees Brogden & EcoSense

This much-needed renovation of the Long Beach Superior Court House served to remake the existing dilapidated space to resolve issues of both structural integrity and public safety. The improved facility provides 531,000 ft2 (49,330 m2), housing 31 courtrooms—with expansion space for six more—offices for county justice agencies, retail space compatible with court uses, and a secured interior courtyard. The Court House façade features tension cable walls at the East and West Elevations of the atrium that links the courthouse and offices. The five story atrium provides a light and airy welcoming space to the public as it enters the building and combines with the courtyard to provide a calming influence to the public.

Front collaborated with KPFF Portland to provide analysis and design services to Benson Industries in fulfillment of AECOM’s vision. Each wall is approximately 76 ft (23 m) high by 79 ft (24 m) wide supported on cables spanning vertically. In addition to the high span, the wall is subject to high seismic loads and imposed displacements from the primary structure. Interface between the cable wall and adjacent systems required innovative detailing. The high performance insulated glass units are point fixed to the cable systems.

The courthouse won a multitude of awards and achieved LEED Silver designation, being overall 17 percent more efficient than the mandatory California Title 24 energy performance requirements.