Pierre Lassonde Pavilion, Musée Nationale des Beaux-Arts du Québec / 2016


Executive ArchitectProvencher Roy

Promising growth and vitality to the museum and its environs, the expansion of The Pierre Lassonde Pavilion at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec boasts a stacked box design that lends itself to an upward expansion. The cantilevered massing of the structure frames the adjacent courtyard of the historic Saint Dominique church cloister, and strategically placed windows and skylights provide views of the park. Mezzanines and overlooks link a maze of temporary and permanent exhibition spaces and roof terraces along with an urban plaza and an auditorium create ample space for public functions and outdoor exhibits. The expansion will allow for priceless works of art that were previously in storage to be displayed for a larger number of museum patrons.

Front worked on this project as façade consultants through the design development stage to engineer and evaluate the façade systems and to create drawings of the system specifications. Special consideration was given to address the need for natural light while providing thermal insulation from the harsh winters of Québec. The resulting triple-layered glass façade is composed of a 2D printed frit, 3D embossed glass, and a layer of diffuser glass. Insulated gallery walls stand behind the system, and are offset by a gap which lights the building at night. The Grand Hall is enclosed by a glass curtain wall with glass fins that provide inviting views to the Charles Baillairgé pavilion through a glass wall and ceiling.