RB12 – Avenida Rio Bronco 12 / 2016

ArchitectTriptyque Architecture

Triptyque’s adaptive reuse design, overhauling this prominent 21-story 1970’s office tower, focuses on making it more environmentally friendly, incorporating concepts of daylighting, energy generation, reduced energy consumption and thermal comfort. It is the first corporate building in the country designed based on the concept of “positive energy”: the project will be able to produce electricity for consumption through photovoltaic panels on the facade and hydrogen cells from piped natural gas, and may even sell the surplus electricity. The design features a bio-climatic façade, composed of zigzagging windows, shading louvers, photovoltaic panels, and suspended landscaping. The facade creates visual movement while also generating energy and regulating heat gains. The zigzagging geometry additionally reduces the zenith angle at which light hits the facade, assisting in natural daylight transmission to the interior. The project also accounts for other environmental points, such as thermal comfort, the management of water consumption and the use of natural light. In addition, the office building incorporates a green roof-top deck, further contributing to energy efficiency and water management.