The 13 / 2016

ArchitectPeter Marino Architect

Executive ArchitectTange Associates

This ornate Macau hotel and casino is intended to provide a high-end “luxury lifestyle” experience that is unparalleled in the region. The 13 boasts lavish baroque interiors designed by Peter Silling, drawing their inspiration from the famous Hall of Mirrors at the Versailles Palace in Paris. From its inception, the façade has been a continuation of the interior experience. Perforated red louvers form a “veil” or double skin that enwraps a large back lit diamond at the top that is symbolic of the character of the project. High end retail and a casino occupy the podium level and special “Royal Villa” suites will be available at the top of the hotel. A large atrium featuring a “green wall” and large golden angels surround a swimming pool.

Front provided full façade consultancy services throughout the development of the project. Initially there was an exhaustive engineering-led design process, followed by a procurement process review that ultimately led to a “design assist” contract with Hong Kong-based facade contractor Far East Aluminum. This is a significant hotel and casino project both in scale and complexity that required a large amount of system design and engineering review cycles. Front then contributed to a rigorous visual mock up and factory review regime, and continues to regularly monitor progress on site.