The Drawing Center / 2012

ArchitectWXY Architecture + Urban Design

Fa├žade ContractorRoxy Lab LLC

This renovation and expansion of The Drawing Center, a small museum in SoHo, features a new custom skylight system in one of the main galleries. The skylight is composed of laminated glass panels and insulated aluminum panels that are mechanically restrained in a stick-built aluminum frame. The skylight cross-sectional geometry is designed to collect and redirect sunlight, such that only indirect diffuse lighting enters the gallery interior. The design provides museum quality natural lighting, which serves as the primary illumination for the exhibits during the day. The laminated glass is additionally designed to filter out nearly 100% of ultra-violet rays, which could be potentially damaging to artwork, as well as to maintain optimal color-rendering in the interior space.

Front completed the skylight as design-build, which required the system design to be fully resolved to the highest level of detail, and additionally required the production of calculations, shop drawings, and fabrication drawings.