Front is a design consulting group comprised of more than forty people with backgrounds primarily in architecture and structural engineering.  In 2002, Front was established in New York, followed by expansion into San Francisco, Hong Kong, and London.  We have a proven history of more than two hundred unique projects completed and built, and offer consulting services through our global network of offices across the United States, Asia, and Europe.

We offer specialist façade system design expertise through strategic advice and intensive collaboration to realize innovative solutions in building design.  Our portfolio of building façade systems includes custom-designed curtainwall systems, bespoke cladding systems, geometrically challenging building forms, elegant and efficient supporting structures, original kinetic solutions, beautiful long-span skylights, and other unique forms of glazing.

We have built our reputation on original problem-solving, a forward-thinking approach, insightful analysis, technically advanced and aesthetically sensitive design solutions, and productive interdisciplinary collaboration.  For this, we wish to thank all of our clients and colleagues and celebrate the spirit in which this collective effort took place.

Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center - New York, NY, USA
The Tianjin Julliard School - Tianjin, China
Princeton Residential Colleges
The Spence School - New York, NY, USA
Yale Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking - New Haven, CT, USA
Lusail Towers - Doha, Qatar
Nike Lebron James Center - Beaverton, OR, USA
ING Offices - Ghent, Belgium
Xiqu Center - Hong Kong
Rothschild 48 Hotel - Tel Aviv, Isreal
30 Warren - New York, NY, USA
Hyundai Training Center - Seoul, South Korea
Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center - New York, NY, USAArchitects: RE X / Davis Brody Bond Photo: Iwan Baan