10 Hudson Yards / 2016

ArchitectKPF Architects

The Hudson Yards development is expected to consist of 16 skyscrapers containing more than 12,700,000 ft2 (1,180,000 m2) of commercial office space, a retail center, two levels of restaurants, cafes, markets, bars, a hotel, cultural space, about 5,000 residences, a 750-seat school, and 14 acres (5.7 hectares) of public open space.

10 Hudson Yards is the first building to open on the site, and is expected to draw visitors to the area. The building stands 895 feet tall (270 m), has 52 stories, boasts 1.7 million ft2 (158,000 m2) of commercial office space, direct access to the High Line and aims for LEED Gold.

Front collaborated on the project from Schematic Design through Design Development, developing, analyzing and detailing the primary curtain wall system and generating numerous 3d study models to determine the viability of the complex shingled geometry. The resulting primary fa├žade system is a unitized curtain wall with three types: flush, single shingled, or double shingled. Tall insulated vision glass units are continuous from vision to spandrel zones, with shadow boxes behind to conceal the floor slab assemblies. Despite the geometric challenges of stepped joints, the system detailing still incorporates pressure-equalized drained-joint design with a back-up drained chamber for optimal weather-barrier performance.