2050 M Street / 2018

ArchitectRE X

Executive ArchitectKendall Heaton and Associates

2050 M Street is a planned office development in the heart of Washington, DC’s central business district, The 11-story, 364,000 ft2 (33,800 m2) freestanding building boasts an iconic modern design with unmatched flexibility, and a prestigious address. The property fronts on a park, providing ample natural light, while the upper floors will offer unobstructed views of Washington, DC, and Georgetown. 2050 M Street will be encased in one of the most unique glass façades ever built in the city, consisting of an innovative floor-to-ceiling curved glass curtain wall with no vertical mullions. Construction will include large, flexible floor plates in the range of 25,000 ft2 to 32,000 ft2 (2,320 m2 to 2,970 m2) with 40 ft x 30 ft (12 m x 9m) column grid, 10 ft (3 m) perimeter ceiling height and ideal core-to-glass dimension. Columns will also be located 12 ft (3.7 m) inboard of the façade, enabling unobstructed exterior views and efficient build-out of perimeter offices.