385 West 12th Street / 2010

ArchitectFlank Architecture

Structural EngineerGoldstein Associates Consulting Engineers

Services EngineerMatthew K Bendix Consulting Engineers

This new residential development utilizes protruding and receding elements on the street-facing façade to add visual depth and create dynamic shadow patterns throughout the day. The composite copper material, chosen for the façade rain screen panels, remains visually consistent with the brick and brownstone historical surroundings. The composite mill-finish 4mm copper panels are hung on a structural steel support frame anchored to the floor slabs. The windows used throughout the project include both operable and inoperable insulated glass units. Front consulted on the façade during schematic design and design development and then consulted on the fabrication and delivery of the rain screen panels and insulated glass units. The 7-story 50,000 ft2 (4,645m2) building provides 12 individual residential units.