Brookfield Place Calgary / 2017


Executive ArchitectDialog

Brookfield Place Calgary is a full-block development in downtown Calgary. The first phase of the project consists of a 56 floor, 810 ft (247 m) tall tower, a highly transparent glass pavilion, and glazed pedestrian bridges that connect the pavilion with neighboring buildings.

The corners of the office facade are conical curved glass and increase in radius from the bottom to the top of the tower. The highly transparent lobby façade consists of 10 ft x 20ft (3 m x 6 m) glass panels, also with conical curved corners. The top of tower is also highly transparent and features conical, cylindrical, and double-curved glass panels.

The pavilion consists of flat, cylindrical, double-curved, and cold-formed-curved glass panels. The lobby and pavilion façade systems use slender custom steel mullions that integrate electrical and fire sprinkler systems. The development is targeting LEED Gold status for the core and shell.