Caeserstone Experience Center / 2017

ArchitectStephanie Goto

The Caesarstone Experience Center, designed by Stephanie Goto, is the client-facing portion of Caesarstone’s first US-based production facility. Strategically located in Richmond Hill, Georgia, near the Savannah port, the facility will produce quartz-polymer panels for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and the like. Caesarstone panels are displayed in the Experience Center gallery and are also the ornamentation for the Center: the façade and ceiling are a patterned arrangement of angled Caesarstone panels.
Front collaborated with the architect on the design of the panel façade from concept design through installation. The panel facade consists of a skewed grid of pipes held 2 ft (0.6 m) proud of the building supporting ¾ inch (20 mm) thick Caesarstone panels. Front developed a minimal grid design and attachment system capable of addressing building movements, corrosion concerns, and the angular variation of the panels which gives the façade its distinctive and dynamic appearance.