Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion at the Darwin Martin House / 2009

ArchitectToshiko Mori Architect

Structural EngineerSOM

Services EngineerLandmark Facilities Group


Façade ContractorR.E. Krug Corp.

This new welcome and interpretive center, for the Martin House complex, was designed by Toshiko Mori and makes subtle reference to Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic Prairie style Darwin Martin House. The Martin house is now a museum, restored by the Martin House Restoration Commission, which houses an eclectic collection of furnishings, art glass, and artifacts designed or collected by Frank Lloyd Wright and other items pertaining to the history of the house. Mori’s new 7,770 ft2 (720 m2) pavilion provides exhibition, education, and permanent gallery space for the museum. Front’s collaboration on the project, from design development through construction administration, focused on the engineering and construction of the long span, discrete façade system. This system is comprised of frameless, double-laminated, double-insulating, tempered glass that cantilevers from below floor level, and slips under the expansive roof eaves. Almost flat, insulating, laminated skylights permit natural light to flood the pavilion and complete the minimal envelope.