General Dynamics / 2020

ArchitectLehman Smith Mcleish

This administrative office complex is conceived as a simple box volume gently contrasting with the surrounding wooded landscape, which creates tranquil environment with maximum privacy. This is acheived by keeping the height of the structure equal with the treeline, so it limits visibilty from the passing roadways.

The facade is regulated by a grid of very large square windows at 12 ft (3.7 m) on center, maximized to provide unobstructed views of the surroundings. The large glass size is a carefully considered balance between the design intent for maximum window size and reasonable transportation and installation logistics. The insulated glass units are additionally designed to meet strict acoustic requirements, limiting sound transmission from a nearby highway to the interior office environment. The primary facade, featuring large square windows, is designed as a unitized curtainwall, whereby the windows are framed by Italian travertine stone panels that are factory-installed onto the curtainwall units. Other facade systems on the project include a matching travertine rainscreen at the ground level, glazed lobby enclosures, and glazed entry vestibules.