Google Bayview Campus / 2022

ArchitectBjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studio Collaboration

Situated on 42 acres in Silicon Valley, Google’s Bay View campus houses 4,000 employees across two office buildings, an event center, and short-term accommodations, covering a total area of 1.1 million sq feet. Redefining the traditional office setting, this innovative complex is at the forefront of sustainability and work space operating on 100% electricity to significantly reduce carbon emissions.
The roof features a dragonscale solar system maximizing solar power utilization and is complemented by energy sourced from nearby wind farming operations. The commitment to environmental responsibility extends to water management, with plans to replenish 120% of the water used by 2030. Non-potable water is efficiently recycled on-site through rain-gathering ponds, and an advanced waste treatment system supports cooling, plumbing facilities, and irrigation of the surrounding landscape. Enveloping the campus is 17.3 acres of marshes, woodlands, and wet meadows intentionally preserved to foster regrowth of the natural habitat.
Front collaborated on the Concept Design phase of the façade design for Terra Firma, working closely with BIG and Heatherwick Studio. Various factors in building design evolution were addressed, including system design, geometry rationalization, cost-estimation, material research, and industry feedback. Additionally, Front created full-scale prototypes to test various enclosure systems.