Google North Bayshore Campus Proposal / Unbuilt

ArchitectBjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studio collaboration

The North Bayshore Campus proposal is a master plan for the Google campus, linking four new building sites interspersed with existing Google facilities across the North Bayshore area of Mountain View. The four sites are planned to include approximately 2.2 million ft2 (204,000 m2) of new Google office space.

The buildings are envisioned as flexible, scale-able, re-configurable, stimulating and creative work spaces, which aspire to provide an optimal work environment to Google’s diverse staff, while simultaneously respecting nature and creating a sense of community for the city of Mountain View. The buildings also include designated public amenity space and are linked by a public landscaped promenade, called the “Green Loop,” which runs throughout the campus.

Front collaborated in the Concept Design phase of the façade design for Terra Firma, working closely with BIG and Heatherwick Studio. Various factors in building design evolution were addressed, including system design, geometry rationalization, cost-estimation, material research, and industry feedback. Front also created full scale prototypes to test various enclosure systems.