Hyundai Training Center / 2020

ArchitectBCHO partners

The Hyundai Cheonan Global Learning Center, which was built after the demolition of a derelict training facility, was built to provide a space for the vocational training and educational lectures of car mechanics and technology.
The education block is a multi-purpose educational research facility that can accommodate various scales of lectures and conferences, such as maintenance training and education regarding various car types, sales simulation, and studio filming and shooting. Spaces of various size for different kinds of training programmes, as well as spaces that cater to the facilities and maintenance systems were positioned judiciously in an efficient grid system. By enveloping the building with an expanded metal double skin, the building was designed to look like a simple box despite its various openings per level.
The enormous box that does not overstate its size stands slightly embedded within the inclined landscape in line with the topography. Along with this mutually respectful relationship between the exterior and original site, the interior was also designed to provide a comfortable viewing experience for the user. To accomplish this, the opening ratio of the expanded metal were heightened at each eye level per floor while being lowered between each floor to create a gradient. This was executed with the most efficient construction method of conducting various experiments with a company with the relevant technology. While the possibility of appreciating the surrounding natural landscape in full transparency is not without its merits, the user was eventually convinced of the rationale and the utility of the design in terms of not only how it is easy to install and maintain, but also how well-coordinated it is with nature and in its ability to receive a balanced amount of daylight per season, drawing in the cool