Italcementi / 2012

ArchitectRichard Meier & Partners Architects

Executive ArchitectStudio Sonzogni / Alberto Fiumana

Structural EngineerGennaard Guala, Italcemnti CTG / Studio Marc Verdina

Services EngineerServing s.r.l. / Agrate Brianza

This research and development center for Italcementi is organized in a v-shaped overall form. The building’s cladding, mullions, and screen are composed of a custom high-strength and pollution-absorbing concrete mix, specifically developed by Italcementi for use on this building. Front consulted on the façade systems throughout schematic design and design development and developed a CATIA digital model allowing for easy manipulation of system characteristics during design. These variable characteristics included mullion, transom and glass sizes, as well as modifications to spacing, orientation and detail design.