Kukje Gallery / 2012

ArchitectSO-IL - Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu

Executive ArchitectJong Ga Architects

Structural EngineerDong Yang Structural Engineers

Services EngineerJ.K. Technology

ContractorJehyo Construction

The Kukje gallery is renowned as one of the leading venues displaying culturally significant contemporary art by both international and Korean artists. This building is the third and most recent addition to the gallery complex and measures approximately 11,000 ft2 (1,500 m2), including gallery, office, sublevel auditorium and support spaces. The design maintains a pure box-like geometry for the gallery space and pushes circulation and additional extruded geometries to the exterior. Theses rigid volumes are softened using a unique hand-crafted stainless steel chainmail mesh fa├žade, which drapes and stretches over the entire building and exterior circulation spaces. Extreme precision was required during fabrication of each chainmail swath to ensure a snug fit on the building, without wrinkles or bulges. To determine the shape and dimensions of these swaths and to specify the number of rings required per row of chainmail links, Front developed a sophisticated rule-based associative model. This computer model was integral to the design process easily allowing different ring sizes to be tested during design and resulting in updates propagating to the fabrication drawings. Front contributed to the project from schematic design through design development before taking a design and coordination role for the fabrication and delivery of the chainmail mesh.