Louis Vuitton Paradise Building / 2005

ArchitectKengo Kuma and Associates

Structural EngineerVan Structural Design Studio

Services EngineerP.T. Morimura & Associates

ContractorKajima Corporation

Façade ContractorDevice Sankyo Aluminum

Conceived of as a “luminous box of stone”, by Kengo Kuma and Associates, the building comprises 89,000 ft2 (8,300 m2) of office, retail and private residential space. The unique curtain wall is primarily composed of 4mm-thick Pakistani green onyx panels sandwiched between layers of low-iron glass. The resulting composite panel is translucent, diffusing daylight into the interiors, and at night, glowing from light fixtures concealed within the façade mullions. Vision panels, which permit fire-fighter access, are interspersed throughout the façade, and maintain visual consistency with the stone by incorporating a digitally printed onyx grain on PET film in the glass units. During design, visual and pre-construction test mock-ups were employed to verify both the aesthetic design intent of various stone and patterned glass combinations, and the impact resistance and seismic performance of the façade system.  Front collaborated with the design team beginning at the early concept stage and continuing through all design phases and construction administration.