SUNY Stony Brook / 2019

ArchitectPelli Clarke Pelli / AECOM

The Medical and Research Translation (MART) Building and Hospital Pavilion at the State University of New York, Stonybrook Long Island house a cancer research center and advanced medical education facilities. The MART Building curtain wall is a minimalist glass box with vertical stripes, giving it an intimate scale and a distinctive architectural character, while providing shading and selective privacy for occupants, while the Hospital Pavilion curtain wall uses horizontal recessed metal banding to secure its own identity. The auditorium situated at the intersection of the MART and Bed tower provides signage and a distinct visual identity for the new complex.
Front collaborated with Pelli Clarke Pelli and AECOM in developing a fully unitized curtain wall systems. Our firm conducted complete mock-up testing for both air and water leakage in order to ensure that all systems would meet stringent criteria specific to Long Island building codes that account for hurricane conditions.