Necklace Residence / 2018

ArchitectRE X

Executive ArchitectAVGA

This unique building layout was conceptualized by a patriarch whose goal was to have distinct separate living spaces for his entire family with enough room for future generations to thrive, expand, and comingle. The resulting “Necklace Residence,” located in the secluded woods of Long Island New York, consists of eight different structures that are arranged in a large ring shape and unified by the central courtyard.

The home is clad in large-format mirrored glass that has no visual difference between fixed and operable panels, producing unmitigated abstract architectural expression, and creating an appearance of floating boxes that seem to blend into their surroundings. The lofted areas of the home feature a soffit that is clad with mirror-polished stainless steel panels. The system includes specially designed large operable doors and windows to eliminate the need for horizontal joints in the exterior façade. The operable units are 16 ft (4.9 m) tall by 5.5 ft (1.7 m) wide, and can be operated manually or automatically. Another key feature of the project is a 21 ft x 24 ft (6.4 m x 7.3 m) glazed “retractable wall,” which is indistinguishable from the adjacent fixed façade system while in the raised position, but can be lowered into the ground to allow unimpeded visual and physical access between indoors and out. Additionally, each home features courtyard-facing walls whose panels pivot to allow access to the outdoors, while providing complete privacy when closed. The inner courtyard itself is enclosed with cylindrically curved highly transparent glass. This façade system includes insulated curved glass doors with custom, minimally detailed stainless steel frames. Throughout the project, large overhangs are additionally incorporated above highly transparent areas of the facade to reduce solar heat gain. Front provided design, thermal and structural analysis, quantification, cost estimating, and architecture documentation services from concept design through construction documents.

Exterior Façade
Open Panel
Residence Plan
Closed Panel