Normandy American Cemetery Visitor Center / 2007

ArchitectSmithGroup JJR

Executive ArchitectNicolas Kelemen Architecture

Services EngineerJohn Lampros Associates

Fa├žade ContractorSmithGroup JJR

This World War II memorial cemetery visitor center, which opened in 2007, is dedicated to the 9,387 Americans who are buried there. The cemetery overlooks Omaha Beach and the English Channel and is surrounded by striking panoramic views of the natural landscape. The 30,000 ft2 (2,800 m2) pavilion emphasizes these views, framing the landscape, ocean and sky. Front helped facilitate this vision, during schematic design and design development, collaborating on the design for all enclosure systems including the frameless glass interior and exterior walls, the curved glass skylights, weathering steel memorial enclosure and steel framed glazing systems.