Shanghai International Dance Center / 2016

ArchitectStudios Architecture

Inspired by the spirit of dance, the Shanghai International Dance Center’s interplay between its gently curving buildings is thoughtfully choreographed to create a sense of flow and kinetic energy. The program includes a main 1,200 seat-theater, a 300-seat recital hall, Shanghai International Dance School for 1,500, and the headquarters and rehearsal studios for the Shanghai Ballet and Dance Troupe. Half of this program sits below grade, opening the site to a collection of courtyards, curving paths, and a central plaza.

Front was contracted to work during Design Development on the main theater which features a 32,280 ft2 [3,000 m2] aluminum “scarf” rain screen that wraps the building. Front’s scope was to geometrically rationalize the rain screen, develop design details, and technical consulting for the glass wall. The system designs were developed for both a highly rationalized developable surface option and non-developed surface panels as well as a fully rationalized flat panel option.