Shenzhen Stock Exchange / 2013

ArchitectOMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Structural EngineerArup

Services EngineerArup

Façade ContractorSanxin

Façade Engineering in collaboration withArup

This new high-rise tower and podium structure provides approximately 1,937,500 ft2 (180,000 m2) of programmed area for the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The building is clad with textured fritted glass panels, which transition in different lighting conditions from almost opaque to more translucent. The building is transformed at night when integrated lighting behind the panels leaks through, highlighting the panel edges and dematerializing the overall structure.  Front was retained to support the design team during design development, primarily helping to determine the means of attachment for the glass panels. Extensive structural analysis was completed for numerous attachment iterations, to ensure that excessive local stresses would not develop in the glass when subjected to design loading conditions. The final resolved design utilizes minimal flush-detailed edge adapters and light-weight aluminum framing.