T Galleria Hawaii by DFS / 2013

DesignerFront Inc / KYA Design Group

Only blocks from the shores of Waikiki beach, this newly renovated façade theatrically frames the primary galleria entrance between large curved laminated glass panels, measuring approximately 17 ft (5.2 m) tall. Flanking the curved glass on both sides is a flat laminated glass system with a patterned opacifying interlayer. An undulating stone façade hovers above the street-level glazing and swells symmetrically, aligned with the entry below. This system utilizes both honed and rigatino finish textures, which contrast with the understated flat stone cladding system providing a subtly textured backdrop, further set back from the street. Front completed the entire design and façade engineering for this system from the early concept stage through construction administration and additionally produced shop fabrication drawings for both glass and stone systems.