T Galleria Hysan Place by DFS / 2012

DesignerFront Inc

Similarly to the T Galleria Sun Plaza, the façade for this project is intended to create a unique branding identity for this retail location. The façade is composed of laminated curving glass and monolithic flat glass panels, of varying shapes and sizes, with a patterned film adhered at the interior face. Slumped annealed glass is used at the curved panels; tempered glass is used for the flat panels. Where opaque conditions are required (above the ground-floor storefront), this glazing system is backed with a shadow box, consisting of an airspace and painted metal panels. The shadow box adds visual depth to the assembly, displaying undulating shadow patterns and reflections on the surface of the metal panels. At night, this interstitial space is illuminated creating a glowing lantern-like effect. Front completed the design and façade engineering for this system from the early concept stage through construction administration.