T Galleria Sun Plaza by DFS / 2013

DesignerFront Inc

The stone-clad street-facing fa├žades, for this three-story flagship DFS store in Hong Kong, exhibit a subtly morphing horizontal banded pattern. At night, the stone panels are up-lit, transforming their appearance into an impressive glowing display. The global morphing pattern is achieved with the use of polished, honed, and rigatino finish textures, which reflect and absorb light differently. Each panel thickness tapers from 2.4 in (60 mm) to 1.2 in (30 mm) and is mounted, at a slight angle, to a steel framing system. Front was retained at the early concept stage to design and engineer the stone-cladding as well as the glass canopies, storefront and entry glazing systems. Front completed all design phases from concept through construction administration and utilized advanced digital models to streamline shop fabrication drawing output for the stone panels.