Seaglass Carousel at Battery Park / 2015


The SeaGlass Carousel is an aquatic-themed, custom-crafted, unique riding experience at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. Unlike traditional carousels, there is no central pole around which the figures rotate. Instead, 30 massive fiberglass fish, which are internally illuminated with color-changing LED light fixtures and outfitted with integrated audio systems, rotate around four separate turntables. The turntables are driven by electric motors housed below the floor, while hydraulics raise and lower the fish through the water-like atmospheric lighting. This atmospheric effect is created with color-changing LED lighting, combined with “water effect” light projectors hung from a custom-designed helical light ring.

The carousel pavilion enclosure is designed as a covered open-air pavilion and is approximately 2,575 ft2 (240 m2). The pavilion geometry is a spiraling form, reminiscent of a helical shell. The roof is clad with flat-lock stainless steel tiles, which easily conform to the curved geometry. The frameless glass panels at the perimeter are single curved and arranged in a rotationally shingled pattern with openings between each panel to allow air circulation. The glass is captured by curved channels at the base and restrained at the head with patch fittings. Above the occupants, clerestory windows follow the spiraling roof geometry, providing significant day-lighting to the interior. The clerestory glass panels are also single curved frameless glass and captured with expressed stainless steel patch fittings.

Front assisted with the conceptual design for the pavilion envelope, including detailing and engineering of the frameless, curved, glass enclosure.