University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong /

ArchitectRevery Architecture / Ronald Lu Architects

Inspired by the site’s challenging topography along a steep hillside on Hong Kong Island, the University of Chicago Center will become the new Asian hub for the University of Chicago and its renowned Booth School of Business. The building’s design, mandated to respect and celebrate both the heritage buildings and the complex natural landscape, is built on a decision to float above the historic remnants, public hiking trails, and the lush of old-growth below.
The resulting design carefully weaves the new program around the challenging site, touching down only at points of least intrusion and bridging across and connecting the disparate pieces of the heritage blocks to create an experience of unifying old and new, natural and man-made. The sensuous form, accentuated by generous glazing and rhythmic sun screens pays respect to the scale of the foliage and serves as a light foil to the heavy memory laden masses of the heritage buildings.